Make the Best Impression with a Call Center Service


No one likes to waste time. This includes your customers and prospects who are trying to locate the correct person or department in your organization. Getting them to the correct person quickly is one of the most effective ways to improve your customer service and improve sales.

Why use a Call Center Service?

Before you decide that your company is not a good fit for a Call Center service, read on. You may decide that is will improve your bottom line over time.

Your business can operate with a live person 24/7

  • You never know when someone needs help or wants to place an order and has a question. This is especially true if you sell internationally.

A real person filters out what the caller actually needs vs. what department the caller thinks they need

  • Someone may have a product question and think they need returns when in fact they should speak to someone in production.

Call centers can answer simple questions without having to forward a call such as, “What are your hours?”

  • Your sales staff and production crew need focused time to get their income producing activities accomplished.

Agents are professionally trained and managed by a third party for quality control

  • If you are not happy with an agent, your service replaces them immediately and they handle training them.

Call Centers can be cost effective, as compared to hiring a full time staff to man incoming calls

  • Labor, training, insurance, workmen’s comp, and all the other expenses incurred when hiring a person just do not exist.

No purchasing or maintaining equipment

  • Phone banks, headphones, computers, and other pieces of a call center are not your expense when using a service.

You train for the position once and set expectations

  • You are the customer and your call center service provider will make certain that your expectations are met.

Changes to the agent’s tasks and communications can be made on the fly if needed

  • Hours of operation, event location change, product recall, and other timely messages can be communicated quickly.

Call centers can manage calls during a disaster or inclement weather

  • Your customer service should not be affected just because of a snow storm at your home office.

Chameleon Group is your Call Center Service provider for all of the reasons listed here and more. Setting up a proper gatekeeper is essential for productivity and efficiency. At Chameleon Group, we provide every caller with a personalized, professional calling experience. And we provide our Call Center clients with exceptional quality service.

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