Chameleon’s Hiring Program for People in Drug & Alcohol Recovery Featured on NH Public Radio

Chameleon’s hiring program for recovering addicts was featured in a November 15 New Hampshire Public Radio story.

Dana Lariviere, Chameleon Group president and CEO says the program is all about giving people a second chance. “Our mistakes should not define us,” he says. Over two dozen people in drug and alcohol recovery were hired into the program this past year.

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How Chameleon’s Hiring Program for Recovering Addicts Works

To qualify for the program, workers must be 60 days sober/drug-free, and in compliance with all state probationary conditions. People with a violent past are not eligible and anyone who shows up for work while “using,” is permanently released from the program.

Lariviere says these new hires receive the same rigorous training and support other Chameleon employees do, and are making valuable contributions to the company, which helps businesses around the globe increase their sales.

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Solving NH’s Drug Crisis

Advocates say that employers play an important part in solving the NH’s drug crisis. According to NH Public Radio’s November 15 news story, there’s a movement in the state to hire more people in recovery, and Governor Chris Sununu has taken measures to encourage businesses to get on board.

“We know that simply hiring people isn’t enough–but it’s a step in the right direction,” Lariviere says, noting that a lot needs to be done to remove the stigma around drug addiction. “The past is the past. This is about looking forward. If you’re willing to work, we’re happy to have you,” he adds.

hiring program for recovering addicts

Sarah Curtis and Dana Lariviere, Chameleon Group. PHOTO: NH Public Radio

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