Chameleon Group at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

In case you didn’t know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a big deal. It’s a massive trade show that displays the latest and greatest in electronic gadgetry, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. All the big high tech companies take part in the CES: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more. The Consumer Electronics Show is open to the public and allows companies to showcase the latest high tech prototypes, products, and services on the market.

This year, our very own Dana Lariviere, President and CEO of Chameleon Group, presented at the CES. As a Sales Partner with 3D Systems, Dana presented on the benefits of partnering with an international sales company. What was the message for these high tech firms just bursting with innovation? Simply this: there’s no better way to effectively spread the word about your products than with an experienced, highly connected inside sales partnership.

An Inside Sales Partnership for a Changing Sales Model

In order to understand how you can benefit from an inside sales partnership, you need to understand what’s broken. The sales engagement model is evolving constantly, and has moved beyond traditional face-to-face selling. These days, the sales process is virtual.

  • Customers research and know the product. They don’t need a representative to tell them all about it.
  • 75% of buyers prefer to engage virtually. They complete the majority of the sales cycle on their own, and they reach out digitally for any engagement they need.
  • Inside sales is replacing outside sales. In one Harvard Review Study, nearly half of companies were in the process of updating to exclusively inside sales. When it comes to high tech companies, these numbers nearly double.

Sales Partnership with Chameleon Group

When it comes to sales partnerships, we offer the complete package. With multi-channel engagement and seamless integration, our sales experts engage with prospects on their own playing field. From market research to virtual sales support and lead qualification, Chameleon Group expands your sales capabilities. Bring your sales process into the twenty-first century through a partnership with Chameleon Group. Contact us to get started!